Brand India Vision 2020


Brand Vision is an annual property of NexBrands Inc that brings out the sole vision of leaders & organizations that determine their existence in the competitive market of today through the strategies & steps adopted by them for the growth of their brand. Brand Vision will talk about the brands, personalities, and leader et al. who are the faces behind the success of their conglomerates which in turn is helping the Indian economy to grow.

It is those visionaries that we look out for, who saw tomorrow and stamped their mark on the hearts and minds of their end users, society and are now slowly & gradually striving to become an invincible force in the times to come. Brand Vision being an annual property, plans to demonstrate different subjects and the challenges related to it across industries in each of its new series which will be a compilation of a talk show on a national channel followed by an honor ceremony in the chosen destination.

This year the series will witness a unique talk show on ET NOW called Brand India Vision 2020 that shall bring out the inside stories of the masters of the game & what according to them would be India destiny by 2020.

With a strong belief and ideology, we at Brand Vision understand that it is an amalgamation of brands, personalities & Social welfare societies that will together make India reach the pinnacle. Thus, the series will witness corporate honchos, leaders, celebrities, social workers, educationalists, scientists stating their perspective on what will make India become a SUPER POWER and how their industries are striving to reach that benchmark.

Through the series of Brand India Vision 2020, we wish to capture the insight of these important people who have been the backbone of the nation in their own unique way but have seldom come out in public forums to state their perspective.

The showcased leaders & organizations will be applauded at a grand honor melange in Mumbai for the world to recognize their success & congratulate them for their meticulous efforts.

Brand Vision is an influential tool of brand communication and imagery. An honored title that every brand shall withhold for years to come!

Talk Show - Brand India Vision 2020

India is a home to some incredible leaders but we seldom see them receiving the recognition they deserve. So we at Brand Vision have set out to uncover some of the country's best emerging leaders & their untold stories of both success & failures on a leading national news channel – ET NOW.

Everyone is eagerly looking up to the day when India will be crowned with the title of being a 'Superpower'. It is easier said than done. We wish to capture the invaluable insights of the Legends, Masters & the Forerunners of the country and ensure that it reaches out to the masses that why, how & when will India reach this status.

Brand India Vision 2020 will be a series of talk show running over a period of 2-3 months with dignitaries from across the nation stating their vision statements and how they are in sync with the country's rapid growth.

Every episode of Brand India Vision 2020 will be a power packed show with participants from different genres making each episode stand alone & unique.

Be it the Entrepreneurs, Economists, Professionals, Students et al. – there would be a lot in store for everyone to cherish.

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